Zingy Sales

Give a boost to your salesforce through ZingySales, it is designed for smart people as it is not just a tool to track your sales it is intelligent system which intern helps your targets and closing leads.

Funded Research Automation

This Process Driven Application (Software) can be customized for automation as per their Institution's workflow (i.e. user friendly). As per the customized work flow this application will reduce the manual tasks (verification, processing, approval & rejection, etc.) of authorized persons (like finance dept., purchase dept., project cell, etc.) effectively. This will help those authorized persons to check for the credibility of PI, in comparison with his uploaded scanned document and the amount allotted while creating his funded research (project) (i.e. Process with Zero Error).


Select the Area of Contractor Service You Require. We will check their geographic proximity to you, as well as the best hourly or fixed cost rates available. We will also show you the number of times the contractor has been hired, job history and the performance ratings provided by your neighbors.


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