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Cloud Applications

Our Cloud solutions save substantial capital costs with zero in-house server storage & application requirements.

Cloud computing refers to a computational process which can be done on demand via a computer network, or a virtual online space without requiring advanced infrastructure.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud application development help solve business problems in smart way. We build and deploy cloud-native solutions to help your business scale rapidly and grow in market.

Cloud Consulting

Logic Heart Cloud consulting services helps clients to start their journey to the cloud platforms which drastically reduces business operational costs.

Cloud Security & Governance

Logic Heart offers various Cloud sercutiy services complaince with CJIS, FedRAMP, NIST, HIPPA etc. We do various security audits to secure your cloud environment.

Cloud AI

Our modern machine learning services with trained models by machine learning/AI capabilities offered by various providers like Google, Amazon etc. through their cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

Logic Heart offers Cloud migration servies from one clound platform to another of your choice i.e, Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc. We ensure data privacy and security during the process.

Cloud Management Services

Logic Heart provides cloud architecture monitoring and administration services. We manage clients clould environment and ensure portability and integrity along with security.


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